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The mission of The Faculty of Education and Leadership is to empower its students and staff to perform to their highest potential by offering programmes of the highest quality and guidance that will facilitate them to demonstrate best practice in teaching/ methodology, research as well as affective skills.


The vision of The Faculty of Education and Leadership is to distinguish itself as one that displays a high standard of effectiveness, efficiency, integrity and scholarship as far as it programmes, staff and clients/students are concerned as it continues to operate as an important part of the Mico University.

Overview of the Faculty of Education and Leadership

The Faculty of Education has four departments. These are Special Education, Early Education, Professional Studies and Physical Education. The faculty, offers 4-year degrees in Primary Education, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Physical Education and School Management and Leadership, also offers through the department of Professional Studies, many of the core courses which are required for all students, regardless of their area of specialization. This department also offers the Practicum component of the programme, giving students the opportunity to do field work in schools/institutions mostly in Kingston and St. Catherine, allowing them to practise the teaching strategies, methods and skills to which they are exposed in the more theoretical courses. We encourage a very reflective approach to both facilitation and learning and see our students as our number one priority.