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Language & Literature


To adequately equip learners to become agents of social change through the offering of a pedagogy that is effective, relevant and responsive to the demands of a changing world. The pedagogy utilized must be suited for adult learning, and the learner in turn must be sensitized to the fact that he or she ought to deliver instruction and use instructional tools that are tailored to the learning needs of the various types of learners.

Mission Statement

The Department of Language Literacy & Literature in serving the Mico University College and beyond, provides premium service to the local, national and global community by offering degrees at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels to teacher candidates preparing to teach in all types of educational institutions. The Department is committed to:

  • Giving all students the opportunity and assistance to become efficient, articulate and competent users of the English Language;
  • Facilitating students' understanding of the language situation in Jamaica and cultural factors in relation to their role as teachers of the language;
  • Enhancing the development of Literacy by outreach activities and collaborative ventures;
  • Equipping students with the pedagogical skills relevant to the Language Arts modes of reading writing and listening that will empower them to discharge their duties as teachers of English Language and other disciplines.
  • Helping to nurture the development of moral, spiritual and professional values.


The goals of the DLLL are:

  1. To provide quality Language Arts and Literacy training to students;
  2. To ensure that teacher candidates are prepared to practice and teach written and spoken communication skills at the various levels of the education system;
  3. To expose students to pedagogical skills in a real – life context
  4. To provide students with the opportunities for moral, spiritual and intellectual growth.