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Academic Centers

The Science & Learning Center

The Mico Science Learning Centre (SLC) is a hands-on Science Museum designed to present Science to the public (from early childhood through tertiary to ‘non-schoolers’)

The main aim of the Science Centre is to demystify science and make science teaching and learning fun.

The centre provides opportunities for:
  • teachers in training to practice a variety of techniques.
  • building and testing teaching tools and equipment.
  • research into learning processes.
  • schools to visit as field trip experiences to support GSAT and ROSE curricula.
  • motivating weak students through exposure to exciting hands-on experience.

The Science Learning Centre forms the core of the Ministry of Education Centre for excellence in science and mathematics.

Teachers and students are welcome to visit and make recommendations on how we can make the centre better by improving its impact on the community.

It is hoped that as the Science Learning Centre develops it will influence policy decisions relating to what and how to teach and by so doing will pioneer new approaches to understanding how we learn. An example of this pioneering work being done is ‘science and mathematics’ learning at early childhood through literature (the story bases programme). This work bonds language, art and science.