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Academic Staff


The Department of AesThetics
Mrs Hope Evans-Wilson, BA (Hons) (UWI), Cert Music Ed (Edna Manley), Teach Dip (Mico), Lecturer
Mrs Monica Graham, MS (Nova), BA (UWI/Edna), Dip (Art) (Edna), Teach Cert (Bethlehem), Lecturer
Mrs Janett Ismay-Kerr, MEd (UWI), BA (Hons) (UWI), CSMT (JSM) Teach Cert (Mico), Head, Music Section
Mr Ewan Peart, MEd (Mt. St Vincent Univ), BA (Hons) (UWI/Edna), Teach Dip (Hons), Teach Cert (Art/Craft) (Mico), Head, Visual Arts Section; Actg Head of Department of AesThetics
Mrs Ruthlyn Swaby, Med (MSU), BA (Hons) (UWI), Teach Dip (Mico), Lecturer

The Department of Psychology, Counselling and Allied Services
Mrs Hermena Davidson, MSc, BSc (Butler Univ, Indiana, USA), Teach Cert (Shortwood), Senior Lecturer & Head of Department
Mrs Beverley Goldson, MA (CGST), BA (JTS), Teach Cert (Mico), Lecturer
Rev Joseph Gordon, JP, EdD Candidate (Nova), MA (Anderson Univ, USA), B.Th (JTS), Teach Cert (Mico), Senior Lecturer
Mrs Junie Goulbourne, MA (CGST), BA (JTS), Teach Cert (Beth), Lecturer
Miss Claudine Hyatt, PhD Candidate (Fulbright), MSc, BSc (UWI), Teach Dip (Mico), Lecturer (on leave)
Mrs Paulette Lewis, MAT (Mico), BSc (Mico), Teach Dip (Mico), Lecturer
Miss Levine Morgan, MA (CGST), BA (UWI), Teach Dip (EXED), Lecturer
Miss Megan Swaby, MA (CGST), BSc (NCU), Teach Dip (Mico), Lecturer

The Department of Religious Studies
Rev Byron Hamilton, MAT (Mico), BA (JTS), Dip Ed (Mico), Head, Religious Education Section
Rev Stotrell Lowe, Dip Th, STM (Indianapolis), Dip (Rel St), UTCWI., University College Chaplain

The Department of Social sciences
Mrs Claudia Alliman, BA (UWI), Dip Ed (UWI), Lecturer
Mr Mark Bingham, BEd (UWI), Dip Ed (Mico), Lecturer
Miss Hyacinth Birch, MS (Nova), MA (Univ of Leicester, England),BA (UWI), Dip
Public Admin. (UWI), Teach Cert (UWI), Senior Lecturer, Director/Curator, INAFCA Museum
Miss Joan Cargill, MSc (CCSU), BSc (Western Carolina), Teach Cert (Shortwood), Lecturer
Mrs Marsha Black-Chen, PhD Candidate (Fulbright), MSc (CCSU), BA (UWI), Teach Dip (Church), Lecturer (on study leave)
Mr Doran Dixon, MA (UWI), BA (Hons) (UWI), Teach Dip (Mico), Cert Ed (EXED), Principal Lecturer I
Miss Sharon Hayden, MSc, BSc (UWI), Teach Dip (Mico), Lecturer (on study leave) Miss Alma Jackson, MS (Nova), BA (UWI), Teach Dip (St Joseph's T.C.), Senior Lecturer
Mrs Yvonne Jones-Nelson, PhD (Candidate), MPhil (UWI), MBA (UWI), BA (UWI), Dip Teach (Shortwood)
Dr Clover Marius, MEd, BA, Dip Ed, (UWI), Dean, Faculty of Humanities
Mrs Angelia McCalla, MEd (UWI), BSc (UWI), Dip Ed (UWI), Actg Head, Department of Social Science, Senior Lecturer
Dr Jacqueline Oram-Sterling, PhD (Fulbright) (Illinois Univ), MSc (CCSU), BA (UWI), Teach Dip (Church T.C.), Actg Senior Lecturer
Mrs Vivienne Pitter, MA, MPhil, BA (Hons) (UWI), Teach Dip (Mico), Lecturer
Mrs Yvette Whittaker-Hudlin, MSc (CCSU), BSc (UWI), Teach Dip (Sam Sharpe), Lecturer
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