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Geography & Environmental Studies

The Mico University College is widely recognized on the world stage as one of the Caribbean's leading teacher preparation institutions. The Mico has given sterling service in education for over 170 years and holds the enviable record of being the oldest teacher education institution in the western Hemisphere.

Geography and Environmental Studies at The Mico University College embraces many of the key aspects of modern society, and has a major role to play in framing and answering fundamental environmental, economic, social and political questions. Geography's diversity is its strength. It is a subject which links to many other academic disciplines in science and technology. This diversity allows students to gain an array of learning experiences and skills which make Geography graduates in demand as Educators, and attractive to a wide range of future employers from human resource development preparing professionals in the private and public sector to environmental conservation technicians, researchers and managers in Geographic Information Systems.

Why Study Geography?

An exciting array of subjects is offered in the Faculty of Science and Technology at The Mico University College. In addition to the University programmes in Education and Professional Studies, Geography offers an exciting and varied fieldwork programme with an active and thriving student-run Geography Society. Our staff is student focused offering a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment, with excellent relations to students. If you meet the qualifications, consider applying to study Geography at The Mico University College, Jamaica. If you lack all the necessary qualifications, call us for advice on how to proceed.

The Geography Section at The Mico University College provides students with excellent opportunities to study this diverse and vital subject. Our impressive facilities provide a stimulating environment where students can develop their knowledge and skills, guided by educators who are leading authorities in their field.


Students entering the B.Ed in Geography and Environmental Studies at The Mico University College are expected to have 5 CSEC subjects, including Geography and English Language and 2 CAPE Unit 1 subjects.