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The University College reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of enrolment from any student whose conduct is detrimental to the academic environment or to the well-being of other students, faculty or staff member or the University Colleges’ facilities


Full Time/Part Time EnrolLment
Enrolment is predicated on the number of credits pursued.  A course load of at least twelve credits per semester is regarded as full-time.  The cost of the degree programme is calculated per credit, and the required number of credits per year is thirty-six minimum (excluding summer).


It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that their tuition fees and all other expenses relating to their programme of studies are paid. Fees are payable in full, in advance, by manager's cheque or cash, using the requisite lodgement voucher provided by the University College.  Students are allowed to pay fees per semester, or per year. ALL STUDENTS are required to register at the commencement of both semesters.  Fees should be paid to the bank using the voucher enclosed in your registration package, before registration week and the Bursary portion of the voucher submitted to the Accounts Department to permit the issue of a Preliminary Registration Authorization Form.

Students who fail to pay their Semester 1 fees will not be allowed to register. Returning students must pay semester 1 fees, in addition to any balance brought forward, to be allowed to register.

Students awaiting funds from the Student Loan Bureau, must present proof of agreement, i.e. Status E Category, or pay 50% of the fees at registration.  It is the responsibility of the student to monitor his/her SLB loan applications.

Other Programme Expenses
Students will be responsible for the purchase of textbooks, as well as other materials typically associated with advanced study.  Books required for courses are available for purchase at the Mico Bookshop.
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