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Campus Life

Hall life is part of the teacher education and training process. This provides experience and learning in areas that are not easily programmed within the structured timetable. In the community of the Halls, it is possible to develop those social skills which are vital in getting along with others. Halls life provides opportunities for leadership. It is organized in such a way that over the three-year period each person can have the opportunity to lead in some ways. There are several committees and responsibilities, which provide opportunities for the development of leadership skills. The Warden's Committee is responsible for the general administration of the Halls. They are assisted by the Halls Chairmen and House Captains. Boarding also provides an opportunity for individuals to come to a better understanding of authority and rules. Rules are not set arbitrarily; they are the result of consensus.

Everybody participates in determining what the rule should be, but once the rule has been decided upon, it becomes the obligation of all to adhere to it. It behoves each person in the Halls to be sociable and co-operative. Selfishness is bound to detract from a sense of community and well being. It is incumbent on each person to perceive the other as a brother/sister and to relate to him/her as such. If one puts in a great deal of effort to make the Hall a decent place in which to live, this will give one a rich experience. Students who cannot be accommodated at the Halls will live in approved lodging outside the University College, but are subjected to all regulations on campus. Students who wish to live on the Halls should complete the attached application form. Accommodation will be offered according to the availability of space. Such students are required to pay an application fee of two hundred dollars ($200.00) to the Accounts Office and submit form to the Student Affairs Office.