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Mission Statement for Science Learning Centre/ CCESTaR:

To establish an institution that provides learning opportunities focused on developing skills, attitudes and knowledge which demystifies scientific principles, generate early interest in learning and applying science in everyday life as well as in establishing its relationship with mathematics as a tool of science, thereby providing opportunity for research and as a result impacts on the reform of science education at all levels of our education system.

Director of Science Learning Centre/CCESTaR

Background to the Science Learning Centre

The Science Learning Centre was initially established by the ICWI Group on the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies in 1989. After twelve (12) years of successful operation, at that location, the ICWI Group. Its former home was at the University of the West Indies. The Centre with its: discovery room, exhibit gallery (indoors and outdoors) and computer room, impacted significantly on science teaching and learning at the early childhood and primary levels. Some very successful programmes were the "GSAT Science and Maths Club", Drama in Science, SMILE-Science Matters in Life Everyday, MIME – Man's Impact on the Marine Environment. Read More

Strategic Objectives
  • Improve creativity and resourcefulness in teachers.
  • Stimulate and promote learning for science through methodology which is effective.
  • Increase the teachers ability to impact on different learning styles and assess the process of learning by application of multiple intelligences.
  • Provide opportunity for teachers to develop and test assessment techniques.
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Profile of CCESTaR

Evolving: The Mico University College intends to evolve its current Science Learning Centre to the Caribbean Centre of Excellence in Science Teaching and Research (CCESTAR).
The main areas of focus for CCESTAR will be as follows:

  • Development and display of scientific exhibits for the benefit of visiting students from all levels of the education system.
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Hands-on Science Museum

The Mico University College Science Learning Centre is a hands-on science museum; it has deep rooted interest in and fosters a strong sense of responsibility towards the quality of science education. The Centre is dedicated to improvement of science teaching in schools through identifying, developing and disseminating indigenous science learning materials... Read More

The Science and Mathematics Story Bags (SAMS): Integration at the Early Childhood Level
Rhoen Kerr, Director—Science Learning Centre, The Mico University College

The Science and Mathematics Story Bags (SAMS) is an effort to integrate science, mathematics and reading. Thus, its philosophy is one of subject integration and learning through association of concepts across the curriculum. The set of nine story-bags is housed at the Science Learning Centre. Story bags lessons are initiated by reading a literature story and then selecting aspects /ideas within the story which are related to concepts in mathematics and science learning at the early childhood level.