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Code of Conduct


The following policies/regulations are designed for the general well being of all members of the University College community. They seek to inform students of expected behaviours, describe prohibited conduct and state the disciplinary procedures and sanctions applicable in order to ensure that the rights of all students are respected and protected.

The Students' Code of Conduct is in effect both on and off campus when students are in attendance at a function sponsored by the University College, alumni or other groups. These functions include but are not restricted to the following: dances, social events, club activities, athletic events, practicum, trips or other University College related experiences. This code of conduct is also applicable when students are in and around the wider community.

Students are expected to maintain the highest standards of morality, integrity, orderliness and personal honour befitting a teacher in training. Therefore, they are expected to conduct themselves lawfully, maturely and responsibly. A responsibility of those in the University College community is to follow established rules and guidelines in order for the community to function more efficiently. The Mico University College views each person as an individual with certain responsibilities to the University College community and reserves the right to refuse admittance or dismiss any student whose behaviour and lifestyle are not consistent with the goals of The Mico University College.

When students respect the rights of others to engage in educational, social and recreational activities without interference; obey the University College's regulations as well as the laws of the country; safeguard others from being harassed or subject to physical harm, then a healthy, safe and productive environment will be created.

The Mico University College, as a community of men and women, is committed to furthering scholarship, academic pursuits, and dedicated service to our society. As an institution, our purpose is to assure all students an equal opportunity to fulfil his/her intellectual potential through pursuit of the highest standards of academic excellence.

Certain rights and obligations accrue from membership in any academic community committed to goals such as:

  • The rights of personal and intellectual freedom which are fundamental to the idea of a university college;
  • A deep and abiding respect for the equal rights and dignity of others; and
  • Dedication to the scholarly and educational purposes of the University College and participation in promoting and assuring the academic quality and credibility of the institution.

Students are responsible for obtaining, learning, and observing the established University College policies as listed in all official publications. In addition, students must comply with the legal and ethical standards of the institution. All members of the community should inform the appropriate official of any violation of conduct regulations.

The University College reserves the right to request at any time the withdrawal of a student who cannot or does not maintain the required standard of scholarship, or whose continuance in the institution would be detrimental to his/her health, or the health of others, or whose conduct is considered unsatisfactory by the authorities of the University College. Read More