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Miconian Students Forms a Female Cricket Team

Rashada Williams a graduate of the Eltham High School captained the under 14 and under 16 cricket teams for 5 years. She was the only female on the team. After being banned from playing, because they were concerned that the league was too rough for her, she managed the team as the assistant coach. She won several titles in high school and her love for the game grew. She had planned on tertiary education after high school but was looking to attend the University of the West Indies, but was encouraged by a lecturer to attend the MUC. She subsequently enrolled.

While at the Mico she started playing football and basketball since there was no female cricket team. She started training with the male cricket team, but was unable to play in major games. On receiving a sports scholarship, she thought it useful to give back in a tangible way to the University College. This encouraged her to start a female cricket team that would compete for the institution and allow her to play the sport she loved. Rashada along with Celina Whyte formed the team in March 2018 with the support of Sports Director Mr. Raymond Graham and Martin Miller of the National Housing Trust.

Celina Whyte a first year student at the Mico was encouraged by alumni to attend the Mico University College to play cricket. As a scholarship recipient she began she also began training with the male team, but unable to play in intercollegiate competitions she joined forces with Rashada Williams.

“I hope that female cricketers will start to get as much attention as male cricketers in Jamaica and persons will invest in the great talents we exhibit,” says Celina Whyte. Both ladies are also members of the National Female Cricket Team. Their hope is to become members of the Female West Indies Cricket Team and to represent Jamaica at all International Female Cricket Tournaments. They will both complete the Mico University College in 2020 and plan on teaching physical education and focus pm coaching female cricket teams in our local schools.