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Donor Appreciation Reception


Members of the Head Table pose with scholarship recipients who gave testimonials of being beneficiaries of scholarships. From left: Dr. Asburn Pinnock, Damion Smith – recipient of the Kemtek Scholarship, Brittony Haye – recipient of the Desmond Gascoigne Memorial Scholarship, Christine Gore (donor), Gloria Gascoigne (donor) and the Dir. of Alumni and Development Mrs. Sharon Wolfe.



The Alumni and Development Office of the Mico University College held a Donor Appreciation Reception April 30, 2018 in appreciation for the continuous contribution of the corporate and individual donors that keep giving to our students.


The president encouraging donors to continue investing in education stated ‘you are investing in the right area; it takes about twenty five to thirty years to see the benefits of education from early childhood to university. Today we are among those who are thinking long term.”


Gloria Gascoigne daughter representing her brother Rae Gascoigne spoke to the legacy of her father – a great Miconian and the reasons her family decided to give back to education through the Desmond Gascoigne Scholarship.


Mrs. Christine Gore who also brought greetings spoke to the reasons her family established the James F. Gore Memorial Scholarship and the Clarice May Gore Memorial Scholarship. ‘Our scholarship programme here at the Mico has been a rewarding experience in many ways but for me, personally, it’s been an important part of what I may call my road to redemption.” She continued, ‘the Mico scholarship programme has given me the opportunity. to at last, do something meaningful to address a fundamental issue in the development of my beloved Jamaica.”


In response and appreciation to the donors, two students, Brittony Haye recipient of the Desmond Gascoigne Scholarship and Damion Smith recipient of the Kemtek Scholarship gave testimonials of how the contributions have assisted them and given them peace in being able to focus and complete their studies.


The Scholarship period at the Mico University College opens in September every year.