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E.M.E.M – [Executive Masters in Educational Management (EMEM)


The Executive Masters Degree in Educational Management offered, will dynamically change the educational management leadership landscape of Jamaica, the Caribbean and international communities. It provides human, technical administrative and organizational skills and values necessary for first rate performance. The curriculum is structured to provide incremental exposure to foundation and advanced courses integrated around core themes of Management, Leadership Creativity and Innovation. A wide variety of learning methods is used for EMEM from formal lectures, case study analysis, seminars and class presentations. The programme requires extensive private study and research enquiry on the part of the students. Study and learning in the EMEM are broadly interactive processes with emphasis on the value student participation brings to the classroom. The strategy is to encourage and facilitate both effective self-reflection and the sharing of ideas among participants.

The programme commences with Summer Foundational courses, and covers 42 credits over a sixteen (16) months period.


The EMEM is dedicated to meeting the needs of school administrators and other leadership personnel such as:
  • Principals;
  • Vice Principals;
  • Senior Personnel in schools, colleges, universities and other government and corporate agencies;
  • Classroom Teachers with aspiration for leadership.


The programme is scheduled for a period of sixteen (16) months, part-time.

The programme is offered evenings, week-ends (Saturdays & Sundays) and summer days. The summer sessions are held during the months of June to August with examinations at the end of August.

Students shall normally register for a mini-mum of six credits per semester.


The programme is delivered through the blended learning mode on both The Mico University College Campus and the Mona School of Business University of the West Indies Campus.


  • A Completed admission application form, including a JA$500.00, non-refundable application fee made payable to The Mico University College.
  • Official Transcripts from all previously attended colleges and Universities.
  • Proof of valid bachelor's degree.
  • Current Employment record.
  • Two letters of recommendation from an administrator or other who can attest to the applicant's performance and attitude to work.
  • Written one page paper of intent and statement on "What it means to be a Leader in an Organization, in this Era."