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The Exam Department

As we serve The Mico University College, our aims are:

  • To conduct the administration of formal written examinations to the highest levels of security and professionalism.
  • To Consistently provide quality service
  • To provide reliable & accurate information
  • To provide excellent Client Service Relations through a trained cadre of support office staff.

We are committed to:

  • Providing examination information on a timely basis while continuously working to improve our processes and services and
  • Providing good quality administrative support for our clients.

Courses are usually examined at the end of the semester in which the course is taken. In registering for your courses, you also register for all evaluation procedures for the course. To be eligible for writing examinations, a student must be registered at the institution, be in good financial standing, and meet the attendance and course work criteria for the course.

Examination Dates & Times

This information can be obtained from the Examination Timetable which will be posted on the Official Examination Notice Board by the Buxton Building, at least one month prior to the start of the examination period. Changes in dates and times on the posted timetable will be communicated to the students by way of further notices on the Official Notice Board.

Examination Timetables

Below is a table of Examination Periods, publication dates of examination timetables and deadline for submission of questions to the Examinations Department:

Examination Periods & Publication of Timetables:



Publication of Final

First Semester (August –December)
1st and 2nd weeks of December
1st week in November
Second Semester (January – May)
1st and 2nd weeks of May
1st week in April
Third Semester (May – August) & Supplemental Exams
Last week in July to 1st week in
1st week in July

NB: A first and second draft of the timetable will be published before the final timetable is set and published. Draft timetables will be scrutinized to ensure that all students have a reasonable spread of papers throughout the examination period. The effectiveness of this arrangement will depend on the constraints of class size and the number of examinations to be scheduled within the period.


It is the student's responsibility to be aware of dates and times of the examinations. To be eligible to write examinations, students must be in good financial standing at least for that particular semester.


Examination Cards
To write an examination, students MUST have an examination card and a picture Identification Card on their desks in a prominent position.
  • Examination Cards for each semester will be issued to students who have paid tuition fees for the semester.
  • Candidates should collect their examination cards within the specified periods published. Students will be fined if cards are not collected on the scheduled dates.
  • Lost or misplaced Examination Cards MUST be replaced prior to the start of the examination. The replacement cost is to be paid to the Accounts Department and receipt submitted to the Examinations Section. Read More