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How To Register


Document Checklist for Registration:

  • Fee Payment Authorization
  • Proof of medical examination by University College's doctor or approved physician
  • Proof of Personal Health Insurance (or payment)
  • Proof of having paid Accident Insurance (or payment)
  • TRN Card
  • Preliminary Registration Print-out

Report to the eLearning lab and follow these steps in order to complete your registration:

Step One

On the dates assigned, submit to the Accounts Department representative all bank vouchers with payment of fees and/or proof of Students Loan Bureau's Loan agreement.

Be sure to make your lodgement to any branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia using the correct payment voucher. Fill in ALL the required information on the voucher before making payment at the bank and take the bursary portion of the receipt to the Accounts Department. Keep your copy of the voucher safe as you may be called on to produce it.

NOTE: Students who have been approved for SLB loans are required to pay 50% of their fees prior to registration.. It is the student's responsibility to monitor and secure his/her loan from the SLB. Please note that your loan is not complete until you are accorded Category "E" status hence, make enquiry as to your status. The SLB will not disburse loan payment until the information confirming registration has been received.

Once proof of payment/proof of SLB agreement has been verified, you will be given a Registration Authorization Form.


Step Two


Show Registration Authorization Form, proof of personal Health Insurance (if the insurance fees are not included in payment made) and proof of medical examination to the Registry representative and collect a "Preliminary Registration Print-Out".

Step Three

Show Preliminary Registration to the Faculty desks. Obtain deletions/additions of courses where necessary, making sure that these adjustments are initialled by the Faculty/Departmental personnel, and finally by the Dean of the Faculty.

Step Four

Take amended and signed Print-Out to the Registration desk, where the Student Records system will be updated. A new print-out, signed by the Registrar, will be given to you.

Step Five

Take the new Print-out, which signifies your registrations for the Semester, to the ID Station where your photograph will be taken.


All students are required to have a valid Identification Card which must be in their possession at all times. Several privileges on campus (e.g. using the library) require the presentation of a valid ID card. Students will be required to show their ID cards when asked by officers of the University College. Students will also need IDs for admission to examinations. No student will be allowed to write examinations without a valid Mico University College ID card. Cards will be issued to students and staff. The wearing of the University College ID while on campus is an absolute requirement. Members of the University College community are expected to show IDs to security personnel upon request. The ID card MUST be returned to the Admissions Section of the Registrar's office if a student withdraws or is expelled from the University College.

Replacement of Identification Card

A replacement is required when the ID card has been damaged or lost. If an ID card is lost, it must be reported immediately to the Registrar's Office. There will a charge for its replacement. The student will be issued a replacement ID card on presentation of the receipt for payment of the replacement cost, as well as the damaged ID (where applicable).



It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that their correct addresses are with the University College Registry. Failure to do this may result in undelivered official correspondence and important announcements.


New students who wish to change their registration, i.e. to change their programme, can do so during the registration period, using the Change of Registration Form. Students must obtain permission from the Dean of the Faculty in which they are enrolled, as well as the Dean of the Faculty to which they desire to be transferred for any change of programme. This new information must be submitted to the Registry for adjustment of the Student Records Database.


Students who withdraw formally from the University College may be eligible to receive refunds for tuition fees. The Mico University College's policy for the refund of tuition provides a percentage refund based on the dates of withdrawal. (For further information on this, please check the Financial Information section of this Handbook).
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