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Mico is Jamaica’s 2018 Recipient of the US Ambassadors Fund

THE Indian, African and Caribbean (INAFCA) Museum at the Mico University College is Jamaica's 2018 recipient of the (US) Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP).

The INAFCA Museum with its project entitled, “Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Collections at the Indian, African, and Caribbean (INAFCA) Museum”, received a grant award of US$100,000 to assist with the urgent preventive conservation and modernization needs of the museum, the US Embassy in Kingston said in a press release yesterday.

The INAFCA Museum, according to the release, is one of three distinct exhibition halls housed at the Mico University College, and houses the most comprehensive collection of African artefacts held by any institution in the Caribbean.

The collection contains more than 700 African artefacts from 27 different countries and 87 tribes, as well as over 100 Indian and Caribbean items, the release continued.

Speaking at the official grant handing over, Chargé d'Affaires Eric Khant said: “This award highlights the US Embassy's continued support for culture in all its forms, especially for the preservation of cultural heritage.”

The AFCP, created by the US Congress in 2001, provides grant funding to preserve cultural heritage around the world, ranging from the renovation of historical monuments and restoration of artefacts to the documentation of traditional cultural expression. It demonstrates the commitment of the United States to help people around the world preserve and protect their rich cultural traditions, the release said.

In Jamaica, the US Embassy Public Affairs Section, administers the fund.

The US Embassy said that in previous years Jamaica has been the recipient of six grant awards to projects/institutions totalling US$167,621. Out of the seven 2018 awardees from the western hemisphere, Jamaica is the only English-speaking country granted an AFCP Award, the release said.