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What is ITER?

The Institute of Technological and Educational Research (ITER) under the leadership of Professor Edwin Jones, CD. JP, emerged in 2010 to build a research culture at the Mico. As such, the institute is tasked to make staff and students more research active. It serves as a medium through which we respond to the broad education related problems and needs of society beyond the constraints in which academic departments function. ITER functions as a team centred, problem solving vehicle to encourage and drive interdisciplinary interactions and research. Additionally, ITER aligns its mission to that of the University College and its Graduate School, and it’s Graduate School, in complimentary relationships to advance excellence in a range of higher education disciplines, through research, teaching, mentoring, critical pedagogy and reflection.

To deliver on these objectives, the Institute would function as a team-centred, problem-solving vehicle to encourage and drive inter-disciplinary research interactions and collaboration. Thus, it aligns its mission to that of the Mico University College and Faculties and its Graduate School in complementary relationships to advance excellence through research, teaching, mentoring critical pedagogy and reflection.

All these considerations awaken the need for ITER to forge strong sustainable internal and external partnerships that help to advance our institutional goals. As a very young institution, ITER is primarily committed to a) stimulate thinking by the provision of a space for intellectual discourse, b) nurture the efforts of young academics and c) produce high quality research products. In more recent times, ITER has expanded its portfolio to include consultancy services, as well as to lend support to Institutional Research.

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