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Each year, as part of the Academic Calendar of The Mico University College, a Matriculation and Consecration Ceremony is held to formally register and admit First Year students who have satisfied the qualification for entry to the institution.

This ceremony is usually held on the third Sunday of September, in order to account for all those new students who would have begun classes earlier in the month.  These students are required to sign the official Register of The Mico, indicating their date of entry and other pertinent information which form part of their official record.  A Gold Gown, representing one of the colours of The Mico, is worn by the Matriculands at the ceremony.

At the annual Matriculation and Consecration Ceremony, the Pro-Chancellor presides in an Invitation Ritual; and the President gives his charge to the students.  All the students have to commit themselves to the tenets of The Mico through the Pledge.  This pledge is orally proclaimed under the leadership of the Chief Matriculand.

In keeping with the historical dictates of the Founders of The Mico, to embrace religious values, there is a twinning of Consecration and Matriculation.  Hence, the participation of the religious fraternity, in an Invocation.