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The Mico Leading The Way To Jamaica PISA Ranking

From (l-r) Prof Neville Ying, Pro-Chancellor MUC, Sen. The Hon Ruel Reid, Minister of Education Youth and Information, Dr. Asburn Pinnock, President MUC were all speakers at the launch of the Mico International Mathematics Summit held at the Enos Nuttall Lecture Theatre on January 30, 2019.

The Mico University College on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 officially launched the inaugural Mico International Mathematics Teaching Summit which is in collaboration the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information to support the National Mathematics week 2019. The summit will engage local and international speakers from top performing countries involved with the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) Examinations produce International Ranking of countries in Mathematics, Science and Reading Literacy.

The International Mathematics Teaching Summit to take place March 25-27 of this year is an initiative of the Mico University College and the Ministry of Education in addressing the national and industry needs of demystifying Mathematics Teaching among teachers and students in an effort to increase critical thinking, creativity and innovation of the country’s human capital.

Prof. Neville Ying in outlining the purpose and activities of the Summit explained, “Since inception in 1836, The Mico has always responded to the need for value added contributions to the Building of Productive Human Capacity for Jamaica. This summit is a continuation of its strategic contributions and will provide a response to the most crucial recommendation of the Economic Growth Council recommendations in 2016, Building Human Capital, and the global call to action by the World Bank in 2018 for all countries to focus on human development as a top priority.”

Prof Neville Ying speaking at the Summit Launch.

He continued, “With the rise of new and emerging technologies countries like Jamaica are forced to look at our competitiveness in the international marketplace and at the Mico we believe that Mathematics is the core foundation subject that will enable our citizens to acquire the necessary competences needed to maneuver the fourth industrial revolution.

The Minister of Education, Youth and Information Sen. Ruel Reid who endorsed and officially launched the summit highlighted three reasons why our nation has to focus on the highest level of Performance of our students in mathematics: the absence of standards and guidelines in the teaching and learning of mathematics, teacher and teaching quality and the attitude of Jamaican students to Mathematics.

He emphasized, “that continued improvements will require consistent evaluation of the various initiatives being implemented by the ministry and the results of the summit will add a new set of information; and as an empowerment activity it will help our country to leapfrog in resolving the issues that we have had in relation to Mathematics and position Jamaica as a leader in the world in Mathematics and competences in Mathematics right up there with the other OECD countries.”

Jamaica is scheduled to register our students and start preparing them to sit PISA examinations in 2021 with the aim of moving Jamaica up the International Mathematics Performance Curve to the levels of countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and China. PISA will be featured in this Summit.

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