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Mico Receives an Increase in Scholarship Funding

2018 scholarship recipients with donors and members of staff.

The Mico University College on October 30, 2018 hosted its annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony in the Enos Nuttall Lecture Theatre where 40 students received financial aid in the amount of J$7.6 million dollars in scholarships.

This increase received by the University College in bursaries, scholarships and grants represents a 58% increase moving from J$4.2 million dollars in 2017 where just over 25 students were able to receive assistance. Scholarship and Information officer, Ms. Sashana Sanderson in thanking donors encouraged them to continue giving as the University College intends on doubling the number of recipients who receive assistance. Sanderson continued, “You have made the sacrifice of assisting our students unwaveringly, without complaint and for that the Mico is completely indebted to you.”

Karl Tulloch, Marketing Manager at Kemtek Construction Ltd is surrounded by the four recipients of the Kemtek Development Ltd Scholarship

Guest speaker, Princeton Brown in speaking on the four A’s to ascending to success inspired students to ensure that they have an aim which aligns with their ability and skills to ensure they achieve their goals. He continued by emphasizing that attitude is the engine to all we do and our acquaintances are important to the process as we need people with similar minds around us to help encourage and lighten the load of reaching success.

Scholarships received by the University College annually are donated mainly from the alumni but also include corporate companies and families of alumni.