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The library offers a diverse collection and student-centered services which focus on continuous improvement through efficient management and innovation. The Mico University College library (MUCL) collection includes books, journals, pamphlets, reports, research papers, newsletters, audio-visual material and online resources.

The library was established in 1835 as an integral part of the program to promote professional and social development of the students. In 1896, the library was a small room located on the ground floor of the Buxton building. during the 1960s, the library was moved to the first floor of the Buxton building.

In 1992, the Museum Library/Learning Resource Centre was established - the library on the first floor and the INAFCA museum on the ground floor. The present library occupies a space of 2,400 sq. ft.


The mission of the Mico University College library is to provide access to resource materials in a user-centred environment in order to support the academic programs of the institution and to meet the recreational needs of staff and students.

Library Resources

We have compiled a list of useful systems and links to help you in your research activity.

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