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The House system was started at The Mico in the 1940s by the late Mr. A. J. Newman, a former principal. It was designed to facilitate healthy competitions among students as well as to provide an opportunity to ensure close supervision of students within the training environment.

The House system started with three (3) Houses: Buxton, Lushington and Bishop. Houses were named for patrons who played a significant role in the founding, and later, the sustained development of the College.

In the late 1950s two additional Houses were added and named after two (2) outstanding lecturers: Arthur Grant, who later became one of the two (2) Vice Principals at the College, and Rodgers, who was College Chaplain and co-founder of The Mico Old Students' Association.

The Houses are supervised by senior staff members who are referred to as House Masters. Each House is supported by a number of academic staff who serves as Student Advisors.