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The counselling services offered at The Mico University College are supportive of the student's academic, social and personal growth and seek to promote student's health, academic success, and social relationships. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these services in addressing day-to-day issues such as those related to time management, relationship and other personal challenges that may develop into obstacles to the achievement of their academic goals. The Counsellor(s) along with the College Chaplain, Peer Counsellors and Mentors assist students not only in coping with personal and emotional problems, but also in working positively towards greater fulfilment as human beings. All interviews and records are treated confidentially.

To access service from the Counsellor(s), students are required to make an appointment through the secretary/receptionist of the Counselling Unit of the Department of Student Services. In case of an emergency, a crisis or if a student is referred by a lecturer, priority attention will be given to such an individual. Referrals are done on the basis of the student's willingness to speak with the Counsellor. The Counsellor will refer students to community counselling services when such additional intervention is deemed necessary.