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Pep Sensitizations At The Mico

The Mico University College has taken the initiative to train in service teachers and Mico lecturers in the skills of critical thinking to adequately prepare students for the Primary Exit Program (PEP).

This initiative which started September 2018 as a pilot, has involved seventeen grade five (5) teachers from five schools; Mico Practicing and Junior High, John Mills Primary and Junior High School, Almond Town Primary, Hope Valley Experimental School and Clan Carthy Primary with a focus on training in critical thinking skills which constitutes a major part of the National Standards Curriculum.

Head of the Curriculum Unit, Denise Minnott says “after listening to the discussions and concerns surrounding PEP, we brainstormed and decided we would focus on equipping teachers with critical thinking and problem solving skills, which is the focus of the new curriculum. We believe if the teachers are confident the fear around PEP will subside.”

Prof. Carol Clarke, V.P of Academics speaking to the importance of Mico doing PEP sensitization sessions said, “If there is any new initiative, any new policy direction, any new strategy, teacher education and teaching educators ought to be the root because we do the training.”

She continued, “It is not just for classroom teachers but also who we are sending into the classrooms. Our students are sent on teaching practice every year, and if they are going into the classrooms they ought to be familiar with PEP. Our lecturers are also involved in the sessions because we are training the teachers and we ought to ourselves get those requisite skills in preparing student teachers for PEP.”

The trainings scheduled to end in October, take the form of three hours workshops with a fieldwork/observation component to give support to those trained after the sessions have ended.