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The Mico is committed to leadership, integrity, service to others, excellence in performance, the promotion of personal growth and development of all its constituents and nation building.  As an institution that embraces student-centeredness we are committed to providing our students with the highest quality education through a holistic learning environment which encourages research and scholarship, and which nurtures  and prepares them with the requisite knowledge, skills, competencies, morals and  values  to be transformational leaders in an ever changing complex world.

We believe that faculty involvement with students must be intentional, persistent, nurturing, engaging, accommodating and thorough. Furthermore, our teaching and learning methodologies should reflect creativity, flexibility, adaptability, to meet the changing needs of students, as well as the changing societal needs and expectations. We strive to communicate with compassion, directness and respect as we build teamwork skills for partnerships and collaborations (Revised 2016).