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  • B.Ed. Primary Education & Early Childhood Education
  • B.Ed. School Management and Leadership
  • B.Ed. Special Education
  • B.Ed. Physical Education


Requirements and accreditation
  1. B.Ed Primary Education
    • Have 5 CXC subjects including English Language A, Mathematics and Science at the General Proficiency Level grades 1, 2 or 3 or their equivalent; in addition to 2 CAPE Unit 1 subjects.
    • Students without Mathematics can access the programme but they will have to complete the University course - Mathematics 101. These students are also expected to do a psychometric test which is prepared and administered by the College.
  2. Candidates should satisfy any of the following requirements:-
  3. Post Diploma Primary Education
  4. All students opting to do the post diploma programme should have a teachers' diploma or certificate. This programme lasts for eighteen months. This programme is offered on a full-time and part-time basis.
  5. B.Ed Early Childhood Education
  6. Candidates should satisfy any of the following requirements:-


    • Have 5 CXC subjects (General Proficiency Grades 1, 2 or 3 or their equivalent) including:
      • English Language
      • Mathematics
      • One Social Science
      • One Science
      • In addition to 2 CAPE Unit 1 subject
    • Successful completion of The Two Year Pre-University College Early Childhood Education Programme.
    • Mature entry-Minimum of five years experience (Portfolio and Interview)

    2 - YEAR PROGRAMME (Post Diploma Degree)

    • Teachers' diploma for entry to the two year programme
  7. B.Ed School Management and Leadership
  8. B.Ed Special Education

    Five (5) GCE/CXC subjects including Mathematics, English, and a Science subject, preferably Biology/Human and Social Biology or Anatomy (Diploma or Degree)
    OR A Diploma in Special Education with a minimum credit. (Start in year 2 of Degree)
    OR A Diploma in Regular Education (Start in year 1 of Degree)

  10. B.Ed Physical Education
  11. Entry Requirements/Pre-requisites

    Candidates are required to have (5) subjects at CXC/GCE O' Level including CAPE 1& II. Pass in Physical Education or its equivalent.