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Sonia Dowding,


Welcome to the Mico University College. We are pleased that you chose The Mico, and we are happy to have chosen you. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your academic life and we hope it will be a fulfilling and pleasant one. You are now on a path of discovery, adventure and advancement; soover the next few years you should be prepared to be exposed to new experiences and to be challenged. We are confident that you can meet each challenge with a positive outlook, being cooperative in the process of learning and being involvedin all aspects of university college life. Once you are on campus you will be discovering so much about The Mico, as you walk around and interact with your fellow students, administrators, lecturers and supervisors. The Mico University College is truly a special place. It is the oldest teacher education institution in Jamaica, and has been contributing to the growth and development of our nation for over 175 years by providing talented teachers to educate our population. The University College has provided the necessary resources to enable your academic progress and success, as well as, your personal growth. You are encouraged to make full use of these resources, to ask questions and to take active responsibility for your own education. You should make your time at The Mico worthwhile in every sense not only academically, but socially, morally, physically and spiritually. Welcome again to The Mico. May your sojourn here inspire and shape you into the kind of person you aspire to be. Sonia Dowding, 2015