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Library Services Registration

All students, faculty and staff whether full-time or part-time are eligible for membership of the Library. Students are required to register by filling out a registration form which is available at the circulation desk, on presentation of a valid ID card. Membership lasts for the entire period of the student's programme at the college. (see card below) Student's name, signature, ID number, year, group, course, address (temporary & permanent), and house are requested.

Borrowing procedures

Overnight Loans

  1. User selects material.
  2. Presents valid ID to the library staff
  3. Library staff writes in Reference Loan Book, User's name ID#, group, etc. and the author, title and accession # of the material borrowed.
  4. All overnight loans should be returned by 9:00 am the following morning.
  5. Books returned later than 9: am incur a fine of $10 per hour.

* Overnight loan begins at 3:30 pm each day

Week-end Loans

The same procedure applies as the above but the material is returned by 9:00 am on Monday morning. The violation penalty remains the same as above.

* Weekend loans begin at 3:30 p.m. on Friday

Short Loans

Users may borrow certain reference materials for use on the campus for the day.

  1. The library staff at the circulation desk takes the user's valid ID.
  2. The library staff writes the necessary information in the Reference Loan Book.
  3. The user receives his ID card only when the loaned material is returned that day.

Two-Week Loans

  1. User selects material
  2. Presents ID card, library staff locates Readers' Ticket for the User.
  3. The material is stamped with the due date as well as book card
  4. The User signs book card which is placed in the Readers' Ticket.
  5. Readers' Ticket with book card is filed in the date due file

* Special Education books may be borrowed for one week only by Special Education students.

Overdue Materials

All books borrowed must be returned or renewed before or on the last date stamped on the date due label. Overnight loans are not renewable and general lending loans can be renewed only once. Overdue notices may be sent for outstanding materials which will incur a fine of five dollars ($5.00) per day on Special Education materials and two week-loan materials. This fine is subject to change. Any outstanding book or fines will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.


Lost Books/Materials

Any loss of or damage to books must be reported immediately to a member of the library staff. Users will be asked to pay for its replacement. Cost will be calculated at the current cost plus a 10% processing fee, as overdue fine.

Photocopying Services

This service is available at the photocopying area by library staff at a cost of five dollars ($5.00) per copy. First copies must be paid for and receipts obtained at the circulation desk.

NOTE: Lecturers are required to fill out a Requisition Form signed by the Head of Department for photocopies. Lecturers who desire to have copies done should submit the signed Requisition Form, paper and document to be photocopied, two (2) days in advance. Personal copies cost five dollars ($5.00) per page.

Internet access

All registered users are eligible for Internet access. Each session is limited to half an hour at a cost. The lab will be monitored by a technician.

Media room

Staff may book the room and equipment for a group of fifteen (15) users. Please contact the librarian.

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