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Pre-University Men's Programme (PUMP)

One significant hallmark of The Mico's transmutation is the establishment of the Pre-University Men's Programme (PUMP). PUMP is a response to the shortage of men in the classroom and in teacher training institutions. This programme, the brainchild of University President, Professor Claude Packer, was introduced in September 2008. PUMP is meant to empower men "holistically by providing academic, social, and emotionally sound experiences that support the realities of their context" (PUMP Recruitment Document, 2008). Although the programme is meeting its objectives, there is still evidence that male enrolment is low. Despite this gap, the programme is to be commended as there is a marked improvement of the ‘visibility' of men on the campus.

Men are being motivated to take charge of their future, and to enrich the lives of those with whom they come in contact. The one-year intensive day programme prepares them for entry into a degree programme of their choice as well as the teaching profession, and is evidence of the fact that The Mico is indeed responsive to the needs of society. During the 2009-2010 year, 15 young men were admitted to this programme, primarily from innercity communities and rural Jamaica.