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Get the chance of a lifetime to earn a scholarship for College. Each year, The Mico University College offers scholarships to recognize academic achievement.

A scholarship is gift aid that doesn’t need to be paid back. Most Mico scholarships are non-renewable so you will need to reapply in order to receive the scholarship again but so long as you maintain the required Mico GPA of 3.0 you should have no problem of acquiring back your scholarship.

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Education has an unrivalled ability to change lives, both for those who have the opportunity to study, and for those who benefit from that knowledge. Making knowledge widely accessible is one of the founding principles of the Mico University College. We remain dedicated to making it possible for outstanding students to complete their tertiary education and realise their full potential.

The Scholarship period opens at the start of the first academic year in September each year.

Our Scholarship Process

We understand that the scholarship and financial aid process can feel challenging at times. You might have questions about what information is required, how it works, and how your unique situation might impact the outcome of an application for scholarship. Our staff is here to help. We encourage you to visit the alumni office for assistance.

Easy Application Review

Our application process is very easy and straight forward and includes the submission of easy to acquire information so that we can base our scholarship decision on a holistic picture of your academic situation. Once you submit your scholarship application, our Scholarship Selection Committee carefully considers all of your information, which we use to determine your eligibility. We encourage you to contact our staff if you would like to discuss your application, or if you have general questions about how our scholarship application process works.

For further information please visit the Office of Alumni & Development located at the Project Office Building or send us an email with your query to

General Scholarship and Financial Aid at The Mico University College

Students MUST fulfil the matriculation at the University College in order to qualify for any scholarships.

Athletic Scholarships

Must be part of a national sporting team and a letter sent from coach.

Academic Scholarships

Please see listing of scholarships

Other Scholarships and Financial Aid

St. Ann Justices of the Peace Association Annual Scholarship - 2024/2025

Please complete all sections of the application.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

These documents are to accompany the application: (1) proof of current address (2) student’s academic report for the last three (3) semesters (3) one page autobiography, (4) one certified passport size photograph

The application must include the names and contact information of two referees. Referees may be a J.P., Minister of Religion, principal, senior lecturer/H.O.D.

Application Deadline: Friday, August 2, 2024

Scholarship – valuing $120,000.00 to a needy student enrolled in a full-time accredited programme at the tertiary level.

Bursary – valuing $80,000.00 to a second student who has performed above average consistently.

Applications should be sent to:

1st Year Faculty Scholarships and Ministry Grants

JAMVAT Scholarship

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Corporate Scholarships

Corporate Scholarships are available in the media

PATH Bursary

Must be a path recipient in High School

MSTVET Scholarship

Please see listing of scholarships

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Financial Assistance

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*There are many others available in the media not listed above.