The Mico University College

Clubs and societies are designed to promote a sense of civic pride, volunteerism and also to provide training in various artistic and technical areas which complement students’ academic programme.

Through involvement in these clubs and societies, it is expected that students will hone leadership skills and learn from each other to develop good attitudes, admirable patterns of behaviour, and gain worthwhile experiences. Participation in the various activities organized through the clubs and societies give members the opportunity to apply their skills, talents and expertise.

Religious Fraternities

The Mico is a Christian non-denominational institution and there are several religious groups that cater to the spiritual influence and development of students:

  • UCCF – Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship
  • Evangelical (Church of God) Fraternity
  • UCAM – Universities and Colleges Apostolic Ministry
  • Seventh Day Adventist Fraternity
  • Baptist Fraternity

The Mico University College Choir

The University College Choir is open to all registered students but is compulsory for all students in the Secondary music programme. The choir meets twice per week with additional rehearsals held prior to performances. The University College Choir performs at all major University College functions e.g. Graduation, Valedictory Service, Mico Day etc. and has on occasion performed outside of the University College’s community.

The Mico University College Band

The Mico University College Band is open to all students who are either instrumentalists or vocalists. At present, the band consists of ‘pop’ instruments e.g. bass, rhythm guitar, and keyboard. The members meet for rehearsals after 8 p.m. at least twice per week. The band has played at a number of University College functions and also has provided entertainment for external events.

The Nathan-Brissett Competition

One of the major competitions held in the University College for which the Music Department is responsible is the Nathan-Brissett Competition. This music competition is held biennially in honour of a past Miconian Mr V. L. Nathan- Brissett. The five Houses of the University College compete in different musical categories for an overall winner of the Nathan-Brissett Cup.


Leslie Henriques Speech Competition

Another inter-house competition, the Leslie Henriques Speech Competition is also held biennially. Students participate in a variety of categories such as Standard English, dialect, choral and original pieces.

MAYADA – Mico Active Youth Against Drug Abuse

The MAYADA group helps the student teacher to develop self-esteem and self-worth. It motivates them not only to be drug free, but also to help others to make the same choice.

Mico Senior Cadet Unit

The Mico Senior Cadet Unit offers students an opportunity to prepare themselves as officers of the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force. While any student may enlist, preference is given to those who have had cadet training prior to entering the University College.

Circle K Club

Circle K Club is a service organization through which University College students can find a means of responsible action in their communities and more active involvement in the life of their campus. It is sponsored by Kiwanis International and emphasizes four major areas: service, leadership, development, and fellowship.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

This club offers a challenging programme of activities and is open to all students. The activities of the Scheme are intended to develop those qualities of maturity and responsibility. There are three (3) separate awards—gold, silver and bronze. For each award, the participants have to fulfil the requirements of each of the following sections: service, expeditions, skills, physical recreation.

The Mico 4H Club

The Mico 4H Club aims at developing members to become 4H leaders in different schools all over the world. Student teachers who become members pledge to help and stretch their hands to larger service. Their hands, head, heart and health are placed into different areas, such as: agriculture, clothing, foods and other major sectors in our country.

The Mico Karate Club

The Mico Karate Club practises World Zendo Kai Kan Karate that is a form of martial arts, founded by Sosai Lambert Plummer in 1993. Members have the opportunity to participate in local karate tournaments in order to win trophies and medals.

Drama Club

“Drama is the art where all arts meet.” All persons interested in acting, writing plays, poetry, and in the other aspects of the theatre can become members of this club.

Science Society

The Science Society’s emphasis is on the enjoyment of Science. Students are given the opportunity to explore scientific projects of interest to them, and to undertake projects that they find meaningful.

The Mico Chess Club

The Mico Chess Club members participate in tournaments and secure individual ratings from the Jamaica Chess Federation.

The Rotaract Club

True leadership is the main goal of this club as it seeks to promote teachers who will be very efficient and effective contributors to the society at large.

The Mico Geographical Society

The Mico Geographical Society endeavours to create an awareness of the importance of geographical study and thought of the environment.

The Mico Creative Youths for Christ

This non-denominational club is a dynamic youth ministry that seeks to minister the gospel through the performing arts, which include sign expression, creative dancing, choral speaking, drama and other expressive means.


UNESCO is a world outreach programme that sets out to help persons who are less fortunate. The club is involved in projects, camps, seminars as well as conferences where members learn to develop the heart of lending a helping hand.

Sign Language Club

The Sign Language Club aims to promote a more caring and responsible teacher in the classroom. It aids in developing a young student teacher in classroom exceptionality and promotes sign language as a means of communication and arts.

Maths Society

The Maths Society aids in developing the student teacher to be an exceptional mathematician in school as well as the outside community. Members of this club demonstrate true leadership abilities by helping young people in high schools to develop their maths skills.

Red Cross Youth Link

The Mico University College Red Cross Youth Link is a part of the International Red Cross Organization. It is based on seven principles, which are humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and university.