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Residential life is intended to enhance and complement academic programmes, as such, students who seek residence must adhere to the following:

  • Attend all official University College functions
  • Be punctual at all classes
  • Be an active member of a house, club or society
  • Participate in or attend University College competitions
  • Observe the established curfew time
  • Demonstrate acceptable professional conduct

Halls of Residence

The Mico University College provides living accommodation for students on three Halls of Residence. Male students are accommodated on the John Mills Hall and Glen Owen Hall, while female students are housed on the Errol Miller Hall of Residence. Resident Life is a part of the teacher training process; it promotes socialization, partnership, mentoring and other skills which are vital in getting along with others. Hall life also provides experience and learning in areas that are not easily programmed within the structured timetable.

The Halls of residence are managed by the Hall Managers who are responsible for the general administration of the Hall. At the student level, Hall Chairmen and Unit Leaders also assist in hall management. Part Time Resident Advisors provide guidance, mentoring, supervision of activities and general support to residents. The Halls are equipped with spacious lounges, and there is a common recreation center on Mills Hall. This lounge is designed to facilitate listening to music, viewing television and hosting small group socials.

The Female Hall of Residence is located on 60-64 Arnold Road and has four large lounges on the ground floor. Two are for entertainment of visitors; one is a television room, internet café and the other doubles as music and conference room. On the administration block, there is a visitor’s waiting room, a bathroom, and a tuck shop.

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