The Mico University College

Welfare refers to the socio-economic needs of the students. Students found to be genuinely in need of financial assistance will be interviewed by the Department of Student Services personnel and referred to the appropriate office.

Work Study /Earn and Study Programmes

The Mico University College understands that there are students who are in need of financial assistance on an on-going basis. These students are not from environments which are able to offer this support. The Department of Students Services will endeavour to seek this kind of employment from inside and outside of the institution. The stipend earned will be divided between the student’s account with the bursary and his/her personal purse.

Community Outreach Activities

To promote civic pride, responsibility and the spirit of volunteerism, all students are required to participate in an area of community service recognized by the institution. Examples of these services include:

  • Homework Programme
  • Sports Programme
  • Youth Clubs
  • Reading
  • Mentoring
  • After School Care