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The Mico University College

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To facilitate a timely response, please ensure you direct your query to the appropriate department. We also encourage you to browse our website prior to calling or sending an email, in the event that the information you seek can be found on its pages. If you still need assistance, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via one of the channels below.


The Mico University College
1a Marescaux Road
Kingston 5,
Jamaica W.I.

Switchboard: +1 (876) 929-5260-6
Facsimile: +1 (876) 926-2238
Mobile: +1 (876) 443-3782

Main Campus Office Hours

8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Mon-Thu)
8:30 am - 4:00 pm (Fri)
*Some offices operate beyond these hours to facilitate Evening/Part-time students.

Official Social Media Channels


General Inquiries

For all general inquiries, routing assistance, complaints, suggestions and general feedback about the institution's operations or offerings. If sending feedback or suggestions, please copy the position/department to which the feedback relates, where possible. Inbox monitored by The Office of the President and The Office of the Registrar.

+1 (876) 929-5260

Human Resources

For queries regarding staffing and employment. (For queries regarding vacancy announcements and employment applications, please visit our Careers Webpage).

General HR Queries

Employment-Related Queries

Quality Assurance

For queries regarding the institution’s quality assurance system, institutional research and accreditation. Inbox monitored by The Office of Quality Assurance.

+1 (876) 764-2839

The Mico Foundation

For queries regarding the various development programmes including endowment, rental of facilities, sponsorships and corporate partnerships organized and facilitated by The Foundation.

+1 (876) 764-2812
+1 (876) 276-7733


Before you call or email, please visit our Academics Webpage for more information about our Faculties and Schools; and visit our Centres Webpage to learn more about our Centres. For applications and programme information, please refer to our Applications Webpage and use the contact information for ‘Applications’, listed on this page. If you still require information, please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant office via one of the channels below.



Centres & the Library

Caribbean Centre of Excellence in Mathematics Teaching (CCEMaT)

+1 (876) 764-2848

Indian, African, Caribbean (INAFCA) Museum

+1 (876) 764-2702
+1 (876) 592-7802

Institute of Technological & Educational Research (ITER)

+1 (876) 764-2827

The Library

For queries regarding the institution’s library services and resource catalogue. (Before sending an email, please visit the Library Webpage for more information and to request services online – virtual chat also available).

+1 (876) 764-2742
+1 (876) 764-2743
+1 (876) 403-2820

The Mico Counselling Centre

+1 (876) 960-1282
+1 (876) 764-2856

Community Services

Bonham Carter Cafeteria

+1 (876) 929-5260

Health Centre

+1 (876) 764-2819

Heritage Café

+1 (876) 534-0976

The Mico Bookshop

+1 (876) 764-2820


Alumni Affairs

For membership, donations and alumni services. (Before sending an email, please visit our Alumni Webpage for more information). Also see details for The Mico Old Students Association, below. Inbox monitored by The Office of Alumni and Development.

+1 (876) 764-2727
+1 (876) 764-2837
+1 (876) 764-2835

Admissions & Registration (Student Affairs)

For queries and requests regarding student admissions and registration. Inbox monitored by Faculty Representatives (Student Affairs Department).

+1 (876) 764-2824
+1 (876) 764-2825
+1 (876) 413-5795

Application for Enrolment

For all matters related to new student applications and to submit application forms and supplementary documentation. Before sending an email, please visit our Applications Webpage to learn more about the student application process and what documents are required. (To request a school visit, career fair presentation or for recruitment-related consultations, please include 'Request' in the email subject). Inbox monitored by the Recruitment Section.
The Mico Recruitment

Application for Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

For queries and applications for leaves of absence or withdrawals. Inbox monitored by The Office of the Registrar.

College Counsellor

For counselling services related to stress management, emotional regulation, mental health concerns, and other personal/interpersonal issues. Inbox monitored by the College Counsellor.

+1 (876) 449-2517
+1 (876) 960-8426


For queries regarding timetables, status letters and other examination-related matters. Inbox monitored by the Examinations Department.

+1 (876) 764-2734
+1 (876) 586-5958

Payments (Campus Cashier)

For queries regarding the payment of fees and processing of student financial transactions.

+1 (876) 764-2750


For scholarship queries and applications, including bursaries and other financial aid packages. Inbox monitored by the Scholarship Unit (The Office of Alumni & Development).

Student Finance

For queries regarding student accounts and tuition payments. Inbox monitored by the Student Finance (Accounts Department).

+1 (876) 764-2816
+1 (876) 764-2711
+1 (876) 860-3735 Day Students
+1 (876) 860-3684 Evening Students
+1 (876) 860-3796 Graduate Students

Student Services

For queries regarding student welfare services such as counselling, sports and recreation, careers and placement, and others. (Before sending an email, please visit our Student Services Webpage for more information).

+1 (876) 764-2826
+1 (876) 764-2836
+1 (876) 764-2748
+1 (876) 764-2796

The Mico Old Students Association (MOSA)

For queries regarding student welfare services such as counselling, sports and recreation, careers and placement, and others. (Before sending an email, please visit our Student Services Webpage for more information).

Jamaica Chapter
+1 (876) 920-3046

Florida Chapter
+1 (954) 804-7200

New York Chapter
+1 (914) 719-6060

Toronto Chapter
+1 (416) 466-5363


For queries related to student academic records including requests for transcripts and verification of transcripts. Inbox monitored by the Transcripts Section (The Office of the Registrar).

+1 (876) 764-2823
+1 (876) 764-2729
+1 (876) 588-3722


For queries regarding applications, room assignments, special accommodation for students with disabilities, complaints, and special requests please use the appropriate channel below. Before you call or email, please visit our Halls of Residence Webpage.

Male Halls
Glen Owen Hall | John Mills Hall

+1 (876) 764-2796
+1 (876) 386-8812
+1 (876) 843-3786

Female Halls
Errol Miller Hall

+1 (876) 764-2811
+1 (876) 899-8347


For media, PR and interview requests, please contact the Marketing & Public Relations Department by phone at +1 (876) 857-5004 or +1 (876) 564-8667 or via email to Please copy all marketing and PR-related emails to


Mico Online Learning Department

For queries regarding the institution’s online learning programme. Inbox monitored by the Online Learning Department.

+1 (876) 929-3643
+1 (876) 764-2849
+1 (876) 552-1288

Online Systems Administrator

For technical queries/reports regarding Aeorion, SMS, Moodle, e-Campus and all other online platforms. Inbox monitored by the Information Communications Technology (ICT) Department.

+1 (876) 764-2725
+1 (876) 588-8090

Website Administrator

For technical queries, reports and assistance related to The Mico website. Inbox monitored by the Web Administrator (ICT Department).

+1 (876) 764-2725


Campus Security

+1 (876) 879-2531 Main Entrance
+1 (876) 879-2350 General Campus
+1 (876) 764-2708 President’s Office
+1 (876) 879-2531 Team Supervisor

Health/Medical Emergency

+1 (876) 443-3478 Nurse’s Station
+1 (876) 354-9768 Nurse’s Station
+1 (876) 764-2819 Health Centre

Housekeeping & Sanitation Emergency

+1 (876) 402-8932

Maintenance (inc. Electrical and Plumbing) Emergency

+1 (876) 443-3495

Other Facilities Management Emergency

+1 (876) 764-2726
+1 (876) 868-7746
+1 (876) 307-8330


Police - Cross Roads Station (Studio One Blvd)

+1 (876) 926-6657

Fire - York Park Station (Slipe Road)

+1 (876) 922-2121

To contact a specific department or office not listed on this page, or if you are unsure where to direct your query, please use the main campus switchboard at +1 (876) 929-5260 or send an email to