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Joy Baker-Gibson

Dean's Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Science & Technology. Here we emphasize quality, relevance and productivity through offering degree programmes for the secondary level, and providing support at the early childhood, primary and tertiary levels in education.

We recognize our potential for growth through our students and staff: The complementary collection of expertise and skills in the Faculty of Science & Technology, poises this entity for development as an educationally powerful research engine & educational production centre of The Mico University College as it moves towards full University status. Research is imperative as it aims to expand and address challenges that students and student-teachers have in learning specific concepts, as well as respond to societal needs.


The mission of The Faculty of Science and Technology is to offer its students opportunities for academic excellence and professional advancement through a focus on STEM Education specializations.


Our programmes will:

  • Assist the student-teacher in broadening their knowledge about the application of Science, Mathematics and Technical Education in different areas of the society.
  • Broaden the content base of the student-teacher in Science, Mathematics and Technology, and related societal issues.
  • Provide student-teachers with opportunities empowerment, and for developing their expertise in the use of teaching methodologies for skills, attitude and content development in science and technical education.
  • Improve the research and leadership skills of teachers relevant to science, mathematics and technical education.
  • Foster an attitude of ongoing professional development.
  • Encourage teachers to take advantage of technology for improving the efficiency of educational endeavours.
  • Promote creativity and innovation in teaching and learning with a view to encourage the spirit of productivity, sustainability and entrepreneurship.
  • Facilitate the development of independent thinkers who are able to communicate and collaborate effectively in researching, teaching and producing for educational and general societal development.
  • Promote local and global relevance of science and technical education curricula through multicultural and multidisciplinary perspectives.

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