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Dr. Kay Dunkley

Dean's Message

The Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Arts facilitates the growth and development of the “soft skills” needed for the success in the workplace. All students enrolled at the Mico participate in courses which build and enhance their problem-solving, effective communication, conflict resolution and creativity.

This Faculty currently offers a broad range of comprehensive undergraduate programmes in Language, Literacy and Literature, Visual Arts, Music, Business Studies, Social Studies and History and Behavioural Sciences. We also take pride in hosting various competitions and exhibitions for our students including the Leslie Henriques Speech Competition and the Final year Drama Production. Additionally, the Faculty is developing short programmes and courses for personal enrichment and professional development.

Our Current student continue to grow from strength to strength as the variety of teaching and learning experiences (formal and informal) prepare them to live and work in the 21st century. Additionally, our alumni community remains steadfast in their support to the Faculty as a whole and we benefit from their wisdom and experience. While the members of the Faculty are competent, passionate, and ready to convey content while modelling the art of teaching using a variety of teaching and learning activities, strategies, methods and modalities.

To all prospective students I encourage you to seize the opportunity to join our team, meet wise and caring staff, make loyal friends and become part of a lifetime community.

Best wishes on your academic journey!

Kay Dunkley PhD
Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Arts


  • Excellent teaching by interacting with students
  • Academic integrity
  • Interdisciplinary initiatives
  • Academic excellence
  • Personal and professional ethics
  • Self-worth
  • Appreciation of human diversity and respect for all cultures
  • Independent critical thought
  • Volunteerism
  • Compassion
  • A spirit of collaboration
  • Social consciousness and awareness
  • Infusion of research in their teaching
  • Student engagement in research, professional training, academic and community life.

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