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Dean's Message

The Faculty plays a prominent role as we facilitate the development of pedagogical and professional skills of all student teachers enrolled at The Mico. We also offer comprehensive undergraduate programmes in Special Education, Primary Education, Early Childhood Education and Physical Education.

Opportunities for learning abound in diverse settings. Real-life experiences are brought into the classrooms, and our students’ foray into real-world classrooms enhance their learning outcomes. In addition to being excellent teachers, our students are facilitated to become articulate communicators, developers of excellent intra- and interpersonal skills that cross cultural boundaries, innovators and critical thinkers.

The experience in the Faculty is demanding, but we envision success for all our students, and we reward excellence. Our programmes are in demand, and we are improving our SMART technologies in teaching and learning to better cater to the increasing demands of our offerings. Our students take pride in a robust co-curricular community with a variety of clubs, societies and fraternities; sports, music and speech competitions; community volunteerism; and publication opportunities, among others. Our alumni community has demonstrated that a degree in any of our disciplines is recognized and respected, and a base for a fulfilling career.

It is our hope that all prospective students will seize the opportunity to join our team, meet wise and caring staff, make loyal friends and become part of a lifetime community. It is also our hope that all current students will continue to strive for excellence and go on to lead others as they have been led.

Best wishes on your Academic Journey.

Karren Foster
Faculty of Education