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Dean's Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Science and Technology!

We are a dynamic Faculty offering 6 accredited undergraduate programmes. Our brand is relevant, preparing persons to live and work in an increasingly technical and globalised world. We work through faith, excited to empower and learn from all members of our society as we collaborate to meet and create one future benefiting all.

The world in which we live is becoming increasingly knowledge oriented and borderless. These rapid changes present real challenges for emerging economies like Jamaica to remain relevant and functional. Functional social systems organise themselves to empower all members of their society through engagement in meaningful work and purposeful living. Relevant skills for functioning in an increasingly technical and borderless world include: the capacity to solve complex problems along with the skills of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and effective communication. These are well published traits embedded within the disciplines pursued within the Faculty of Science and Technology.

The Faculty therefore recognises and boldly embraces the responsibility conferred upon our disciplines in the work of empowering members of our society. We also embrace the responsibility to provide opportunity for persons within the Caribbean and wider world to benefit from our long and robust heritage in teacher preparation. Our unique heritage allows us to bring a multi cultural perspective to the subjects we teach as well as providing us with an advantage to address the issues and challenges associated with preparing citizens to participate effectively within a borderless multicultural context.