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Human Ecology & Hospitality

The Human Sciences & Hospitality Department (formerly FACs) is a Department of Faculty of Science & Technology. This is a major applied and high production area for study.


The dynamic forces of change; social, cultural, technological, educational and economic, bring new ideas, along with all their potential implications for the education system of today and tomorrow.

This force of change shows congruence with the education task force in Jamaica which proposes a bachelor's degree as the initial certification requirement for entry into the profession. A degree in Family and Consumer Science seeks to reflect these changes of the 21st century which will ultimately prepare graduates for positions in the various fields both nationally and internationally.


The programme is designed to prepare students to demonstrate:

  • The ability to perform as leaders in a variety of schools, community settings, and businesses
  • An understanding of the integrated approach to the relationship among individuals, families, communities and the environment in which they function
  • Expertise in Family and Consumer Studies
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving and technological skills essential to work with a specific group of clients; students and consumers
  • Use inquiry to teach science
  • An understanding and appreciation of diversity and multicultural perspective as a leader in a global environment

Fulltime Degree Programme Offered

Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science Education.