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Department of Natural Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Natural Sciences. We are a bold innovative team working to create a framework for a scientifically literate Caribbean Citizenry. We are committed to the promotion of a Caribcentric world view which embraces the collective history, culture and philosophical perspectives of people of Caribbean descent and places these in a dynamic privileged valuable position equal to any other world view. We also hold the view that our future development will depend upon the extent to which our science teachers will be able to use research in teaching and learning to make decisions about how to embolden their students with the confidence to create knowledge and innovative products using indigenous materials to our advantage. Our teachers are therefore exposed to a range of content using inquiry based strategies to promote the skills necessary for knowledge creation relevant to science, life and work in the 21st century.


To prepare excellent teachers of the Natural Sciences through the promotion of practical scholarship, collaboration, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship critical thinking and an attitude of on-going professional development.

Programmes Offered

  • B.Ed. Secondary Science with specialization in Biology
  • B.Ed. Secondary Science with specialization in Chemistry
  • B.Ed. Secondary Science with specialization in Physics
  • B.Ed. Secondary with specialization in Geography & Environmental Studies