Communication Skills for Managers

Learn practical strategies that Managers in the 21st Century workforce can use to communicate effectively with their teams thereby building stronger relationships, improving stakeholder experience and well-being and continuously driving success in the workplace.

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About This Course

Communication skills and competencies are recognised globally as essential management tools in the workplace. Since these skills and competencies are not static, Managers need to continuously upskill to remain abreast of the changing communication needs of the workforce.

This course provides participants with the practical skills and requisite attitudes that will enable them to communicate effectively with all levels of the organization, with stakeholders and external publics so as to build stronger relationships, improve experiences and well-being and continuously drive success in the 21st Century workplace.

The course comprises four (4) Units. The content has been designed to facilitate the sequential development of concepts and skills through research, integration and scaffolding. During the course, participants engage in a variety of self-directed individual and group based activities, simulations, discussions, document preparation and oral presentations. The course is assessed by coursework only.

What You will Learn

  • Why communication challenges are so pervasive in organizations
  • How to become an effective communicator as you manage self and others in contexts of changing communication needs
  • How to empower others through spoken and written words
  • How to communicate for global impact through argumentation
  • What determines communication styles

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8 Weeks

6 Hours per Week

Start Date:
May 31, 2021

End Date:
July 19, 2021

Class Days:
Mondays and Wednesdays

Class Time:
5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


Delivery Mode:
Online - Synchronous & Asynchronous