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Social Studies

Mission Statement

To educate, challenge and motivate our students to become productive professional teachers and leaders in society who will act as change agents, social justice advocates, and who are able to creatively address the challenges of a changing world as lifelong learners.

Vision Statement

The Department of Social Sciences hopes in the long term to realise the following vision: To be a leader in the preparation of the Social Sciences teachers in the Caribbean, and to actively participate in developing interactive teaching methods that are employed in Jamaica. This vision will require the concerted and sustained effort of all our staff members. With regard to becoming a leader in the teaching of the Social Sciences, factors that would signal that this aspect is being achieved are, when:

  • Teachers become ‘classroom researchers' who continually analyze their methods of classroom interactions always seeking better ways of engaging their learners
  • Democratic citizenship through greater integration between the student and the wider community is being promoted
  • Graduates from the Department of Social Sciences are in demand in the workforce
  • Enrolment in the Department's programmes of study exceed the places that can be offered
  • The programmes offered by the Department are recognised as being of high quality locally, regionally and even further afield