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In order to be awarded scholarships, donors may require an interview with the students where they have face to face dialogue. This is very important as it allows each student an opportunity to express their individuality and to share other pertinent information which was not captured on the application form. More importantly, it gives the donor and interviewing panel the opportunity to interact with the student in order to determine their suitability for the award.

A successful interview requires students to:

Be on Time

Give yourself adequate time to arrive at the interview allowing for emergencies such as traffic issues and accidents. If you will be unavoidably late call and advise the persons with whom you communicated about the interview. (Always have their number on hand while travelling)

Be Prepared

Ensure that you do research about the donor and know the name of the Scholarship that you will be interviewed for before the day of the interview. Think about possible interview questions and explore your life for the best ways to respond (the internet has many interview questions which can assist). Think about questions that you may ask the interviewer or the panel if invited to do so or when the opportunity arises.

Be Truthful

Always be truthful in your responses as it is a genuine turnoff for donors when they recognise that persons are not truthful in their scholarship interviews (regardless of the reason). It can be the sole deciding factor that prevents a student from being offered an award.

Be neatly and professionally dressed

Ensure that your attire is neat and professional, neither should their dress nor skirt be shorter than knee length, fishnet stockings are most inappropriate. Dress pants and a button front shirt are generally accepted for males.

Always contact the Office of Alumni & Development located at the Project Office Building for further tips if you are unsure of what is required.

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