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The Mico University College Alumni

The historical significance of the Mico embodies a tradition of resilience, endurance and relevance especially in the 21st century. The sole survivor of over 300 "normal" schools established in the Caribbean during the post-emancipation era, The Mico has given sterling service in education for over 175 years, and holds the enviable record of being the oldest teacher training institution in the western hemisphere. Maintaining this solid foundation is part of the College's Strategic Plan which envisions the institution becoming a full University, offering first degrees in Primary and Secondary Education, Educational Administration, Special Education, Guidance and Counselling, and Science Education. The University also offers some Graduate Programmes.

The goal of offering quality education and professional development and its commitment to the advancement of spiritual, moral and cultural upliftment are in tandem with its rich and noble tradition. Given its strategic location in the nation's capital and its historical heritage, The Mico is poised to become a model that will epitomize the network that links tertiary institutions committed to teacher training.

Mico's motto "Do it with thy might" embraces the time-honoured tradition of hard work and unstinted devotion. With its early reputation of being the "poor man's university" the graduates of this noble institution are garnered from every strata of society and continue to serve in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the wider world. In this technological age, The Mico is equipping faculty and students with the skills to face the challenges of a complex yet exciting global village.