The Mico University College

Student governance at The Mico University is rooted in democratic principles and the student society representing the gathering of the total body of students is known as the “Guild of Students”.

The executive committee of the Guild of Students (referred to as the Guild Council) and all other levels of student leadership are elected once each year by secret ballot. All registered students of the University College are members of the Guild of Students. All have the right to vote in those elections. However, students in the Preliminary year and in year one (1) of their academic programme of study are not eligible to stand as candidates for election to any position of leadership in the Guild or in the Halls of Residence.

Student governance gives every student the opportunity to practice and develop leadership skills while representing their peers and contributing to the development of the University College and student life. Students involved in student governance have the opportunity to interact both with Administration and Academia in a collaborative manner to improve and strengthen the institution. The Guild of Students is represented at the highest level of institutional governance and its leaders are accorded all legal rights and respect.

The activities of the Guild and its leadership are governed by the Statutes and Regulations of the University College and particular emphasis is placed on openness and accountability.