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Welcome to the Mico University College where academic excellence is your passport to accessing all the benefits of being a student at this prestigious institution. The Mico University College is proud of its Scholarship Programme, which supports students from diverse backgrounds. Many of our former scholars have contributed to our country and communities, while securing a future for themselves and their families.

We use this opportunity to thank all our donors, and we hope to continue partnering with stakeholders to assist you in the fulfillment of your dreams. This year, we welcome our new and returning students and encourage you to realize that hard work is necessary from the start of your academic programme, to become eligible for SCHOLARSHIPS. Remember that a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for all Scholarships.

Education has an unrivalled ability to change lives, both for those who have the opportunity to study, and for those who benefit from that knowledge. Making knowledge widely accessible is one of the founding principles of the Mico University College. We remain dedicated to making it possible for outstanding students to complete their tertiary education and realise their full potential.

The Scholarship period opens at the start of the first academic year in September each year.

For further information and application forms please visit the Office of Alumni & Development, Kelvin Lodge.

(l-r) Mrs. Sharon Wolfe, Director of Alumni & Development is all smiles with Claudia Campbell, Earle Kennedy Scholarship recipient and Ms. Claudeth Henry. A Group picture with over 30 scholarship recipients and donors at the Scholarship Award ceremony in November 2017. Scholarships amounted to a total of approximately four(4) million dollars.