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In partnership with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, The Mico University College through the School of Continuing Studies will offer the Programme through our institution. The following programmes are being offered:

Pathway 1: Traditional Sixth Form Programme

A. CXC CAPE Associate Degree

The CAPE Associate Degree consist of 10 CAPE Units done over 2 years (5 Units in Grade 12 and 5 Units in Grade 13). Four Associate Degrees will be offered:

  1. CXC CAPE Associate of Arts Degree in Entrepreneurships
  2. CXC CAPE Associate of Science Degree in Information & Communications Technology
  3. CXC CAPE Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Communications
  4. CXC CAPE Associate of Science Degree in Food & Nutrition

Other Associate Degrees in CAPE maybe considered based on the number of students showing interest. See CXC Associate Degree Booklet (2019)

Entry requirements: 5 or more CXC CSEC Passes (Including Mathematics and English Language) plus prerequisite subject for chosen CAPE course.

B. The Mico University College Associate of Science Degree in Computer Technology

A comprehensive programme consisting of 60 credits: 30 credits taken in year 1 (Grade 12) and 30 credits taken in year 2 (Grade 13). The Associate Degree in Computer Technology was created to serve as a springboard for individuals who are desirous of entering the field of Computing and Information Technology. The programme will provide its participants with knowledge of the fundamental areas in the field, including Software, Hardware, Programming, with a view to inculcate an appreciation for the role of technology in determining developments for future generations. With this in mind, the Programme is designed to ensure that participants are exposed to a breadth of knowledge that should arm them with the requisite skills to count themselves as being technically aware of the nuances in the field and sufficiently competent to proficiently apply the use of technology productively. Thus the graduate will be able to assume various entry level/apprenticeship roles in computing and information and communication technology environs.

Entry requirements: 4 CXC CSEC Passes (Including Mathematics and English Language). Candidate maybe required to take a CAPE Course and additional CXC CSEC Subject.

C. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEYI) Centre for Occupation Studies Occupational Associate Degree

A programme in Business Processing Outsourcing or Meat, Poultry and Seafood Fabrication. The associate degree programme was developed under the direction of the Centre of Occupational Studies (COS) in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, and is in response to the demands of the workplace. Programme lasts for two years.

Pathway 2: Technical Sixth Form Programme

Entry Requirements

  • Students with No CXC Subject Passes but has NVQJ-Level 2 Certification
  • Students with NVQJ-Level 1 Certification


Programme: NVQ-J / TEVET – Level 2 in:

  1. Customer Engagement
  2. Digital Animation
  3. Cake Baking & Decorating


The Technical Pathway will allow students to pursue level 2 in any of the above labour market skills of choice. Students may be able to complete this programme in one year and transition to the Occupational Associate Degree programme (Traditional Pathway 1C) in Grade 13.

Pathway 3: General Sixth Form Programme

Entry requirements:

  1. Students with No CXC Subject Pass


The General Pathway focuses on attaining City and Guilds Basic Proficiency Skills Certification. Students in this pathway can also be introduced to a specialized skill area in addition to their other developmental areas leading to NVQ – J certification. Particular emphasis is placed on literacy and numeracy skills. Students may transfer to the Technical Pathway in Grade 13.

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